What is ERP Software and Its Uses?

What is an ERP system? In short, Enterprise Resource Planning Software or ERP system is a set of software that manages and integrates various operational activities in a business.

What is ERP Software and Its Uses
What is ERP Software and Its Uses

Implementing an ERP system for a company can be a massive effort that can take years.

Due to the complexity and scale of ERP systems, few companies are interested and can use diverse physical and financial resources and risk developing an in-house ERP system.

So that this ERP system can increase the effectiveness of the company and provide more services for consumers, which in turn can generate added value and provide maximum benefits for all interested parties (stakeholders).

Initially, the ERP system was used mainly by large-scale companies (enterprises), but now it has also become popular among SMEs.

Understanding ERP system is a system package and enterprise resource planning software used by companies to manage their daily business activities, such as financial management, procurement, production, projects, HR, etc.

In many choices of ERP software, companies can adjust their needs before choosing the best ERP software for their business.

ERP system is an application that can facilitate business with real-time and accurate information so that you can make sound business decisions based on the data generated.

By collecting shared transaction data from multiple sources, ERP systems prevent data duplication by providing data integrity.