Which Industries Can Use ERP Software?

ERP Software is an obligation every company must have because it will be constructive for you and your employees.

ERP Software can ease your work. You focus on finding customers and let this intelligent robot work to manage your finances.

Which Industries Can Use ERP Software?
Which Industries Can Use ERP Software?

Although the initial purpose of designing an ERP system was for the manufacturing industry, now ERP software has expanded to various other sectors such as:

Services & Consulting such as insurance, technology, financial services, etc.

  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Retail, Wholesale & SuperMarket ERP
  • Real Estate
  • ERP Construction, Projects & Infrastructure Development
  • Food & Beverage ERP
  • Tourism such as restaurants, Hospitality, or Lodging
  • Health like Hospital & Medicine Manufacturing
  • Mining ERP
  • Plantation ERP
  • Export-Import because it requires IT inventory for Bonded Zone
  • Government to manage the purchase of procurement of goods or other administration

Every company or organization collects employees, buys products or services, sells or distributes things, and records finances.

ERP system is an application that allows companies from all industries to integrate and manage all these essential functions.

Supply chain management and logistics are often confused or used interchangeably, but they are different. Logistics is a component of supply chain management.

It focuses on moving the product or material most efficiently to arrive at the right place and time.

In contrast, SCM involves a broader range of activities, from sourcing raw materials, goods, and raw materials at the best prices to coordinating visibility efforts across the supply chain network.